You love creating and using machine embroidery designs in your projects.

But there is so much to learn. It seems like the more you learn, the more you don’t know. And you feel like you may never conquer all the techniques available.

You’d think a few embroidery machine classes would help the situation, but it doesn’t. There are tons of techniques, designs, and supplies in machine embroidery. It can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Where do you start? Do you make free standing lace, a project in the hoop, or embellish something you already own? The possibilities are endless. Plus understanding the different supplies available for machine embroidery is mind-boggling.

had the same issues when I started creating with my first embroidery machine.

I was afraid to use it because I didn’t want to break it. I was so overwhelmed with information and going to classes. I spent more time starting projects than finishing them. I’d start a project, get frustrated and put it away thinking it was too difficult for me to understand. I wanted to learn because I craved the creativity. Plus, I didn’t want to waste the money I’d spent on my machine.

First, I had to get over my fear of using the machine and software. I started by embroidering designs on square pieces of fabric. They weren’t for a project, just practice. I’d pick an embroidery design, download it to the machine, and run it. Each time I’d run into an issue I’d write down what I did and what I thought went wrong. When I had a few questions, I’d go to the sewing machine dealer with my messed-up designs and ask. I did this over and over again until I had enough knowledge to start troubleshooting myself.

My persistence paid off and I began loving my embroidery machine. I was able to start and complete embroidery projects. I learned how to understand the embroidery lingo and not feel so dumbfounded. I learned how to design, embellish existing projects, and run my machine. I knew enough to be able to learn more, I was no longer overwhelmed. I even learned how to digitize.

Sure, I made tons of mistakes along the way. Including wasting way too much money on unnecessary embroidery stuff. But I’ve conquered my fears and now I enjoy crafting with machine embroidery.

That’s why I launched this blog, to help embroidery machine enthusiasts get the most out of their embroidery machine.

I wanted a place where you could get tidbits of information, try it and then have a place to come back for more.

Every week, I’ll share different information to help you get more out of your embroidery machine. Posts will include machine information, techniques, supplies, tips, or projects. Plus, I’ll answer any questions that come my way.

Jan Davis

Hi, I’m Jan Davis.

I can’t wait to share embroidery techniques, projects, and more with you. 

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