Machine Embroidery Mardi Gras Mask

3 Mardi Gras Mask Project

Show me the beads…
It’s machine embroidery Mardi Gras craft time.

Since it’s almost Mardi Gras time, you’d better get crafting.
I’ve created one simple machine embroidery Mardi Gras mask design, which you can embroider out and embellish any way you choose. Plus you get two sizes to play with.
The simplest way to change the mask’s look is through using different colors and types of thread. Besides changing the thread color you can use specialty threads such as variegated, twists, metallic, glow in the dark, etc. The possibilities are endless. Read more about thread types to choose the best one for your mask. 
Plus, you can also add feathers, beads, and anything else you can glue to the mask. We’ve created our masks using fabric and different types of thread. But you should get as creative as you want.
This design has been specially digitized to be used as FSL design (Free Standing Lace) or embroidered onto fabric.

Go Collect Your Supplies and Let’s Get Started

Besides your regular supplies for embroidering such as your machine, scissors, hoops, etc. you’ll need the following supplies.
  • Mardi Gras Machine Embroidery Design comes in the following formats: EMB, dst, exp. jef, pes, VP3, VIP, HUS, XXX: Download Mardi Gras Mask Zip File
    Two Sizes in one zip file
    small: 2.81 inches x 4.92 inches
    large: 7 inches x 3.99 inches
  • Threads: Choose any colors and combinations you want. We used variegated, twists, solids, and metallic.
  • Bobbin thread: We used a white 60 weight bobbin weight.
  • Material to Embroidery design onto with stabilizer or just stabilizer for FSL
    • For FSL – Do not use fabric. Instead use a double layer of wash-a-way stabilizer or backing. I do not use the clear plastic wash-a-way for FSL. It doesn’t hold up to all the stitches.
    • For non-FSL use any fabric you want. The type of stabilizer depends on the look you want. See Below.
  • Backing or Stabilizer depends on on the look you want.
    • FSL: refer to above
    • Fringe look: use cutaway
    • Closely cut look: use tearaway
  • Tie: use string, fabric, shoe laces, ribbon
  • Glue gun and glue if you’re gluing extra embellishments such as beads, buttons, feathers, etc.
  • Bling and Other things: Whatever you want to use to decorate your mask.
    • Buttons
    • Beads
    • Fabric
    • Feathers
    • Etc. etc. etc!

Let’s get embroidering

Embroidering the design
  • Choose the design size of your choice. Download the zip file for both sizes and all formats.
  • Choose your threads and stabilizer.
  • Hoop your fabric and stabilizer, or for FSL 2 layers of wash-a-way stabilizer.
  • Embroider the design out. If you use metallic thread slow your machine down for best results.
  • Cut out your design depending on the look you want for your mask. See Below
Adding string to mask
Cut two pieces of equal length strings. Insert the string through the mask hole on either side. Knot or tie the string so it won’t fall out. Make sure you cut your string long enough to go around your head and tie.

We made our masks look three different ways.

Make sure you cut out the eye holes so the wearer can see. If you’re doing FSL method the eyes will wash out.

Get creative with your mask however you want!

Mask 1: Raggedy Mask Look

  • Use a cut-a-way backing.
  • Cut about 2 inches or desire look around the outside of the mask. For an even look around the mask fold the mask in half when cutting. For other looks cut free-hand.
  • Trim out the eyes – be careful not to cut the stitches.
  • Rag the edges by rolling the fabric in your hands.
  • Add  string – go play

Mask 2: FSL Method


  • Hoop two layers of fabric wash-a-way stabilizer and embroider the design with your choice of threads.
  • Put the mask into warm water or run under water for a few minutes.
  • Pat dry design and lay flat onto a towel to dry. You can use a hot iron to fatten the design once it’s dry if it curls. Do not push the embroidery mask into the towel to dry, you’ll get pieces of toweling stuck to the design.
  • Add any embellishments you choose
  • Add string

Mask Design 3: Fabric trimmed close and embellished
Yes, this design can be used either eyes up or eyes down.
  • Sew onto fabric using a tear-a-way backing
  • Remove stabilizer
  • Trim as close as you can to the mask without cutting the thread.
  • Trim out outs eyes.
  • Add embellishment if you choose
  • Add string.
You can also use the Mardi Gras mask design as a regular design. Embroidery the designs onto an array of other projects like pillows, bags, etc.

Now you’re ready for the party!

Create your own machine embroidery Mardi Gras Party Mask and look original at your Mardi Gras party or any other party you choose to make a mask for.
Remember to always cut out the eyes so you can see.

The sky is the limit on how your masks looks.

Have fun – Happy Embroidering.
Psst.. Pass this along to your machine embroidery friends through social media or email. Then every one can have some fun!

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