QTT: Getting the Glunk Off Your Embroidery Machine

Simple Solution to Cleaning the Outside of your Embroidery Machine

Quick Tip Tuesday (QTT) 
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Hi I’m Jan Davis with craftingwithmachineembroidery.com. 

Today’s QTT – Quick Tip Tuesday, comes from the beauty of our machine.

Do you remember when you first got your sewing machine, embroidery machine, or your combo machine? It looked pretty nice. But with time it starts to get a little bit dirt. 

Today I’m going to show you a quick tip on how to get rid of the marks on your embroidery machine. It doesn’t matter if they are smudge marks from your fingers, from a little bit of grease, from the spray of your adhesive, or in my case they’re actually tape marks from when I tape my machine down to travel.

Yes, I do travel with my embroidery machine. Here an article on how to safely travel you’re your embroidery machine

If you thought those smudge or tape marks never came off, I’m here to show you how they can.

No chemicals or harsh anything to clean your machine

All you need is a clean soft cloth and your sewing machine oil. That’s it.

Simple take your sewing machine oil put it onto your cloth and then gently rub the affected area.

Do not pour the oil onto your embroidery machine for you don’t know where it might go. It could run into parts of your machine that doesn’t need oil,or make it so oil will drip onto your next project.

Simply pour a little bit of the oil on to the rag and start wiping.

Depending on how sticky the area is or how dirty it is. Will determine on how much oil you need, and how long it will take to clean. You don’t need to rub very hard. You just have to be consistent.

Oh yes, I must include a disclaimer. Make sure your sewing or embroidery machine is turned off and unplugged before putting your hands in the sewing or embroidery area. 

Within a short period of time you will see the glunk come off your machine. To make sure the glunk is really off your machine, run your finger over the area. If it’s not truly cleaned up the machine will start looking glunky again, and you can feel the dirt still on the machine.

If you still feel the dirty or glunk just add more oil to your cloth and continue wiping the dirty area.

Once you’re done wiping you can wipe down the area with another dry cloth.

Tadum, it’s white again!

I guess since it’s all cleaned up it’s time for me to go on another trip. J

QTT – Recap

Today’s quick tip is cleaning your machine from that dirt and grime from spray adhesives, dirty hand, or tape if you’re traveling. You may ask why would you have tape on your machine?

Even if you’re just traveling to a craft show or to your favorite craft shop for a class. Sometimes you have to hook things together to keep your machine safe.  

All you need is your sewing machine oil and a clean soft cloth and you can clean yo0ur embroidery machine’s outside in a jiffy.

No harsh chemicals. No foreign anything. Safe to your machine and safe to you.

I hope this tip has been helpful.

I hope you have a wonderful crafting day!

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Until next time happy embroidering.

This is Jan Davis from craftingwithmachineEmbroidery.com.
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