QTT: Organizing Your Bobbins Without Spending a Dime

3 Ways to Organize Your Bobbins for Easy Use

Quick Tip Tuesday (QTT) 
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Hi, I’m Jan Davis with Craftingwithmachineembroidery.com and today is QTT – quick tip Tuesday. 

Today’s tip comes directly from…
Can you guess it?  Yes, our messy bobbins. 
I don’t know about you but I want my bobbins to stay neat while I’m using and storing them. 

It doesn’t matter if you buy your machine embroidery bobbins in bulk boxes, in bags, individually, or you wind them yourself. Someplace in the process from buying them to using them they can get pretty messy.

I buy most of my bobbins by the box, unless I’m making specialty bobbins for a specific project. The boxes are nice. They hold lots of bobbins and are organized with the bobbins flat with thin sheets of paper between each layer. Some boxed bobbins are held on straws and set inside the box on their side. 

When you start using the bobbins and taking them out, they move all around and get messy. 

And I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for knocking the boxes over. 

When I wind my own bobbins I don’t need a hundred. I only need a handful and a place to store them while I’m doing the project. 

And if you drop the wound bobbins into a box they start unwinding pretty quickly. 

How do you prevent your bobbins from becoming a mess? 

I have three simple solutions for you and it won’t cost you anything.
Instead of going to the craft store or going online look around your house for bobbin solution holders. That’s exactly what I did, and I found three I’m going to share with you. 

thread holder for your bobbins

Solution #1: The extra thread holder from your embroidery machine

You can use anything from your machine you don’t use for other purposes that have a center piece to hold the bobbins.

Since I don’t use my extra thread holder for my embroidery machine it works really well. It has a flat bottom so it won’t move, and it hold seven bobbins at one time. I set the extra thread holder with my bobbins near the machine or the counter next to it. It’s easy to grab a new bobbin and drop it into the machine without having an entire box out. And without knocking a lot of bobbins onto the floor. 

Top holding bobbins

Solutions #2: A top to a jar or canning jar lid.

You can use any lid as long as it as a lip to hold the bobbins in place. 

Just place the bobbins into the lid and place them where you want for further use. You can lay the bobbins flat or on their sides upright. It’s easy to grab a bobbin when you need it and not have tons of bobbins laying around. Plus, with a lid you can choose any size you want. 

Zippered eye glass case holds bobbins

Solution #3: A zipper eye glass case.

I’ve tried the eye glass cases that snap close and they didn’t work as well as the zipping kind. The closing ones had an opening and sometimes the bobbins flew out when I opened it. 

The zip-able eye glass case is my favorite embroidery machine bobbin holder of all.
You can easily to set the bobbins inside then flat, on their sides, or with a straw through the middle of the bobbin.

Once you zip the eye glass case shut, the bobbins stay in place. Then it’s easy to unzip the case, grab a bobbin, and use it. 

The nice thing about the zipper eye glass case as a bobbin holder is you can easily take the bobbins with you when traveling. The case is easy to take to a craft show, a shop for a class, or on and airplane. Yes, when I fly I do take my embroidery machine with me. 

Then when I get to my destination I don’t have to worry about buying bobbins. And they are nice and neat too.

What do you do with the empty embroidery machine bobbins?

 You keep them of course! 
I throw my empty machine embroidery bobbins into a small container and save them. And boy can they really add up fast. 

Use empty bobbins to wind your own for either for regular sewing, embroidery, or for specialty thread. Or you can figure out a project with them.
You don’t ever want to waste something in your craft room. 

Now you too can keep your bobbins organized and use them easily

I hope these three tips give you a little more sanity in your embroidery room. And you no longer need to be concerned with knocking over large amounts of bobbins. Or having bobbins unwind easily as they wait to be used. 

Plus, none of these three solutions cost you any money. 
Do you have a different way of hanging onto your bobbins? 
Please share one with all of us, so we too can find more sanity in our embroidery room. 

Happy Embroidering!

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