Ultimate Machine Embroidery Placement Guide

Ultimate Guide Placement

Never question where to place your embroidery design again!

You’ve decided on the perfect project to complete. You’ve picked out what you’re going to embroidery on and what design you’re going to use. It’s the best feeling you know – you’re creating. 
You lay out your project and stop. Your heart pounds and you start second guessing yourself about placement.
Where is the best place or angle for your design? What will make the project look – perfect? Your inner self doubts you – don’t mess up. 

Who do you ask? Where do you post? Maybe in the past you’ve posted online questioning what to do. Waiting for someone to answer. Or you sent a picture to a friend or relative with the caption. Where should I put the design?  

No more guessing or fretting about design placement again.

If you’re embroidering for yourself then there aren’t any rules, regulations, or have to’s. If your embroidering for business then there are quite a few “industry standards” for everything from caps, to shirts, and blankets. 
As someone making money from your craft – you want to make sure you know the industry standards. Plus, knowing the rules about industry standard embroidery placement  gives you the ability as a creative to break the rules when you’re allowed to. 
At the bottom of this post is a free PDF file with every project placement you can think of according to industry standard. It gives you the leg up when talking to clients and customers of “where a logo” or a design should go.
And it’s the best guide ever to know where to start when you’re embroidering for your creative world as well. 

What are you waiting for? 

Look through the standards of machine embroidery placement and when you can break the rules. Go For It!
Make Money – Be Creative – Be Sure you know what you’re doing!
Happy Embroidery

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